Flowing Wells/Arizona Teaching Fellows Program

The Flowing Wells/Arizona Teaching Fellows is a unique program offered through a partnership between the University of Arizona and Flowing Wells.  Students in the program work closely with the Flowing Wells School District throughout their teacher preparation program, completing all of the fieldwork in our District with one or more mentor teachers who are also dedicated to working with children and adolescents in Southern Arizona.

If you are an energetic person interested in becoming a teacher and making a difference in the lives of our students, then this is the program for you!

As a FW Teaching Fellow, you will:

1. Receive financial support
2. Work closely with and complete all fieldwork in the Flowing Wells School District with several mentor teachers
3. Potentially be hired by the Flowing Wells District
4. Participate in forums designed to link coursework expectations more closely with school and district expectations

The Fellows Program can help you attain your goal of being a teacher in the Flowing Wells Unified School District and allow you to be compensated up to $4800.00 in the process!

How do you become an Arizona Teaching Fellow?

In the spring, prior to beginning a professional program, apply to become an Arizona Teaching Fellow. Access and submit the application by March 1 to begin in the fall. 

Select the option below that best describes you for more information on the application process. 

Are you a...

"One of the most memorable experiences in the Flowing Wells Fellows Program was building relationships with the other fellows and sharing our experiences in the classroom. Throughout the program, there were many wonderful moment as well as challenges. Being able to share these experiences with the other Flowing Wells Fellows helped me to improve my instructional practice and create a network of support in the district."
- Chelsea Schroeder, Flowing Wells School District 

Attn: College of Education--Arizona Teaching Fellows
[email protected]
1430 E. 2nd Street PO Box 210069
Tucson, AZ 85721