Changes - Name or Beneficiary

Have you recently changed your name? In order for the district to change your name officially, you must:

     1.  Apply for a new teaching certificate in your new name (if certified). Click here for an application.

     2.  Complete and sign an Arizona State Retirement Name Change Form (certified and support staff).
           Click here for the name change form.

     3.  Provide a copy of the document changing your name (e.g., marriage certificate).

     4.  Provide a copy of your new social security card (for Payroll).

Submit all documentation to Human Resources. If you are a teacher, send your new original teaching certificate so we can record it with Pima County.

Questions? Call Stacie Stuart at 696-8825.

Life Insurance Beneficiary - Designating the proper beneficiary is important!

You should name both primary and contingent beneficiaries. If you have not named one or more beneficiaries, the proceeds pass to your estate in the event of your death. Proceeds paid to the estate are subject to probate and will incur all of the expenses and delays associated with settling an estate.  In addition, proceeds passed to your estate are subject to the claims of creditors. 

However, named beneficiaries receive proceeds almost immediately after your death, and probate is bypassed. Most states exempt life insurance proceeds from creditors when there's a named beneficiary.

Click here for a new beneficiary form. Complete, sign and return to Human Resources.